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Share Your Love for Local Businesses

Send a love letter to your favorite businesses, no stamps required! This month, the Uptown Shelby Association is collecting Valentines, cards, and notes of encouragement for our businesses.

Submit a virtual Valentine using the link below, or drop your own cards and letters in our special red mailbox (follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on its location; the box will be at Greenbrook Design starting Feb. 1 and will move throughout the month). Don't forget to include the business name in your letter/on the envelope so our team knows where it should be delivered!

Want to color your own letter? Our free, printable template is perfect - download it here (PDF file).

We're so excited to Share Our Love in Uptown Shelby this month!

Important Details:

  • The Uptown Shelby Association team will deliver your love letters twice in February: on Wednesday, February 14 (Valentine's Day) and on Thursday, February 29 - please be sure to get your notes in before the last day of this month.

  • Please refrain from using inappropriate language in your notes! Inappropriate letters will not be delivered.

  • Feel free to make your letters as personal as you like, but we recommend you avoid using full names or giving out your address as best practice.

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