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We are so grateful to the sponsors of this year's Seeds in Season event, happening on Saturday, October 14th. Seeds in Season 2023 is presented by our Harvest Sponsor, Shelby Dental Care Center. Shelby Dental Care Center has been a longtime supporter of Seeds in Season, and each year provides guests with a special take-home item. Learn more about Shelby Dental Care Center on their website and Facebook page.

We are also pleased to announce our Sowing Patrons, Pink Paradise Wellness & Day Spa, and Brett Wease, Realtor. These patrons are new supporters of our event and we are delighted to have them join us for our special fundraiser this year - be sure to say hello!

Our Seedling Patron, Halcyon Salon & Emporium, is a returning supporter and one of Uptown Shelby's own businesses. We always appreciate the love and support from our local businesses!

About Seeds in Seasons 2023

Imagine yourself under the twinkling lights of the Bobby Bell Pavilion on a cool October evening, surrounded by friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Soft music echoes under the shade of the Pavilion behind the chorus of conversation flowing across the elegant farm-style table. Celebrate, and listen to the stories of local farmers sharing their produce as you enjoy a 5-course meal finished on-site by a talented team of culinary artists and chefs.

This year, Seeds in Season commemorates the harvest of a new generation as we kindle kinship and learn the significance of sustainable and community-forward support and growth.

Jamie Swofford of Old North Farm joins us again to curate a stunning menu built around local ingredients grown right here in Cleveland County.

The 2023 Menu

Welcome Beverage:

Old North Shrub's State Grape Sour


Old North Farm Little Gem Lettuce, Autumn Radish, Apple, Muscadine Vinaigrette


Lewis Family Farm Potato & Cabbage Soup, Mushroom, Scallion, Herb Oil


Greene Family Farm Meatball, Lamb, Beef & Pork, Preserved Tomato


T&S Farms Acorn Squash, Dirty Rice, Honey, Mustard


Willis Farms Sorghum Custard, Popped Sorghum, Benne Seed Wafer

Participating farms

Greene Family Farm

Lewis Family Farm

Old North Farm

T&S Farms

Trinity Family Farm & Flowers

Under the Sun Farm

Willis Farms

Participating Chefs

Jamie Swofford, Old North Farm

Jason Walker, The Depot

Jeanette Sun, Cleveland Community College

Jericka Jordan, Powerfuel Bites

Jim Sander, Pleasant City Wood Fired Grille

Keia Mastrianni, Milk Glass Pie

Rodney Roden, Charlotte Fish Company


Fred Blackley

Jenny Seykora

Skip Warrick

Morningwood Farm

Blue Ridge Distilling Co. & Defiant Whisky

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